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    May 17, 2008
    Some tears ago, I purchased some started pullets which were described to me as "Hubbard Golden Comets". Are they the same thing as the ISA Browns ( which are also called Hubbard Browns or Shaver Reds)? They were like the photo in the breed description and had the same characteristics as described by some sf the owners, though I seem to recall them as somewhat smaller than standard breeds ?
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    Alan, you've waited quite awhile for a response from someone who has had these birds side-by-side for comparison or is knowledgeable on the inner workings of ISA and Hubbard. Until someone like that comes along, I'll just express an opinion.

    You may know that ISA, Hubbard, and Shaver were part of a corporate consolidation scheme not all that long ago. Their R & D department has probably done some work with the breeding lines and, maybe with Babcock, as well. (Aren't mergers and buy-outs wonderful?!? [​IMG])

    An important property of the companies were these highly developed breeding lines and I doubt that the originals have changed. Since Golden Comets existed before the merger and they are still available, I suspect that they are still distinct from their corporate "fellow travelers."


    edited to throw in a couple of links while noting that it seems odd that Golden Comets are listed in the 2007 press release but not in the "products' list:
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