Hubby has gone egg crazy. Me just crazy.

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    Apr 29, 2009
    I need some advice from some of you gals or guys out there. I love my DH, and I love having poultry and game birds around. But when do you say we have enough and maybe we should share with others? Our quail are laying eggs left and right. We have been putting any where from 18 to 25 eggs in the bator every three to four days. Right now we are hatching 12 to 20 each week. Last night he collected seven more eggs to add to the five he collected the day before. He wants to put them in the bator tonight after he collects todays eggs. I want to give them to some one who might enjoy having a few quail around. When I mentioned to him that maybe we should "share" our quail eggs, He got mad and said "NO!" I enjoy the quail, but we are running out of room on our acrage for everything we have. What do you guys think? Should I just let him incubate these eggs, or should I push for the sharing? Oh I should mention that he has a sportsman 500 incubator, which has more than just quail eggs in it. We have standard chicken eggs, banty eggs, pheasant eggs, and duck eggs as well. The rack for the quail eggs is full and over flowing to sections where the bigger eggs are. I wouldn't say it is FULL but it is getting close.
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    Well it depends how fast can you make it to collect eggs before he does [​IMG], cause I'm sure some folkies on here would love for you to share. [​IMG]

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