Hubby loves the showgirls!!!

Shannon's Chix

10 Years
Apr 30, 2009
N.E. Florida
So getting the chickens was my idea but hubby was nice enough to build me a nice coop for them. Several weeks ago we got 2 silkie showgirls for my daughter but as it turns out, she wasn't really into them so of course I take care of them. I like them but have limited space and really wanted some d'uccles so I thought I might try to sell the showgirls and use the second smaller coop hubby made for them for the d'uccles.

So we were texting back and forth discussing this as there is a swap tomorrow and he texts this:"Just keep the chicks. They were babies when we got them and this is their home. I can build another coop or buy a shed".

Awwwwwwwww...even though HE doesn't take care of them...I'll keep them.
I was hoping you were talking about chickens!
I haven't branched into the showgirls, but my dad and my son just LOOOOOOVE the silkies!! I was against them at first, but they just had to keep them!

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