Hubby's been admitted to ICU again.... .>>>> He's home now


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Mar 10, 2008
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Hubbys been having trouble with his lungs the past few months more than most ( chemically induced COPD & RADS ) and with all this moving animals because of the nasty neighbor, trying to get the place ready for selling, looking for another place..... the stress has just been overwhelming. Even more on me as he can't do a lot when he can't breath, which is daily lately. He feels bad since he can't help.... UGH.
He went in today, as I had hurt my back and was laid up, and I knew by the way he was breathing and his neb was not working, that he'd be there awhile. He called to tell me the doc was furious with him, said if he'd hadn't come in today that he probably wouldn't have made it to tomorrow. His lungs were very bad and he didn't tell me he had run out of his ADVARE - 2 weeks ago!
He was suppose to leave Sunday for out of town work stuff.... now we don't know how long he'll be in the ICU. He sounded like crap but he was telling me he was hungry, so he must be feeling slightly better. I feel like I just can't catch up, I get to the top of the hill then slide down again......
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Zoo I am so sorry
I know it sounds cliche' but it will get better. I wish I were closer to help you out. I missed the "moving animals and nasty neighbor stuff" but that alone is exhausting. Take care of yourself and maybe put a shout out for BYCer in your area for a weekend zoo move or something.

Let me know when things settle down for you...I want to get a couple decals from you...and possibly get a custom or new design. whenever you are up and breathing clear again no rush.
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I'm so sorry. Sending well and healing wishes your way.

You're moving? Will you get to keep all your animals?

God bless and take care of...

Sorry to hear about your husband; you arent sounding to good yourself. Gotta be stressful dealing with all you have going on.
Prayers for the strength to get through it (& to kick hubby in the butt for letting his Rx run out?).

I know exactly what you're going through. My late DH was in and out of the hospital a lot these last 10 years.

I hope your situation ends differently than mine.
Jen I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. I had heard that you were having moving problems but since we havent heard from you thought you were just busy. Sending prayers your and your DH's way. WIsh I wee closer I could help you some. Maybe if you post you need help on the FLorida forum someone close could come help you I know this crazy weather has had my allergies going so I am having problems with breathing as well It must be very harder for someone with COPD. God Bless Micki
So sorry to hear this, this is when I wish I could just snap my fingers and be somewhere to help for even a few hours to make the stress a little lighter. Hope you both feel better and are back at it asap!!!
I hope your DH feels better

if you need any help moving just let me know DH and I would be glad to help in any way we can, we have long trailers and a horse trailer too, any way we can help let us know.

do you have a place for your animals?

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