HUGE bag of chicken treats from asian restaurant - happy & scared


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My mother manages an office building that shares an ally with an asian restaurant. They were tossing out a HUGE bag of scraps and my mom (being the eternal thrift / conservation queen) asked them to double bag it and put it in her trunk.

It was meant for the compost bin and to feed to my thousands of grubs , but I figured I'd let the girls dive into it first.

Lots of veggies and whole heads of lettuce. A bunch of white rice too. My main concern, and the reason I'm a bit scared, is that there seems to be a bunch of raw meat (maybe bacon) in there too. I'm debating on if I should let them have at it or not.

Check out the spread:

i would let them dive in..

they dont cook the mice before they eat them

and if Styrofoam goes through them whats a lil bacon
The raw pork would scare me too, just because of the bacteria raw pork packs.

I don't know... I'd be very hesitant myself and probably wouldn't chance it, but that's just me.
My girls eat leftovers from the lunches the firm's attorneys have -- LOTS of salads, sandwiches, etc. I also have a resturaunt down in the lobby that saves romaine lettuce from making the salads.

I give my hens just about anything -- they LOVE fat of any kind (pork, beef, etc), chicken skin, stuff like that, along w/ whatever I've kept during food prep.

It really is "SCORE" when I can find something special for them besides the usual scratch grain, cracked corn, and layer crumbles.


PS -- my gals have become pretty partial to the Italian dressing on the salads and the leftover pasta ... o solo mia ! Wonder if they cluck in Italian .....
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Well, the girls just aren't interested.

So I went out and took the meat scraps and put them in the bin that is chalk full of a huge colony of Black Soldier Flies that should devour that stuff in a day or so.

The rest of the greens, etc. I put into a new bin and mixed it with chicken litter to cut down the smell a bit. I then took the lid from my "working" bin and put it on top of this new bin. The reason: The lid has 3 sets of black soldier fly eggs (probably a hundreds eggs in each set). When they hatch they will be in heaven with all the stuff below to feast on!

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