HUGE CHICKENS...what are they

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    Jul 31, 2008
    My aunt gets her chicken from a local farmer (when she gets them they are already processed)..he has no idea what they are he get them from a feed store..

    thses guys are huge!!! we call them chirkeys...

    can i get a guess on what these may be?

    what meat bird grows the biggest?

    i am thinking about going into meat birds and see how it goes..any suggestions for a meat bird newbie?..
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  2. I'm thinking they are probably Cornish Rocks, if he's getting them from a feed store. You're "supposed" to butcher them at 8 weeks but I let a few go a lot longer and ended up with one Roo who was 21 pounds dressed out at 5 months old. I fed mine higher protein game bird food and I really think it helped. I lost none of them to any health problems, my really big ones even ran and tried to fly from time to time!
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    21 lbs? That was a turkey!!! Whoa!!!
  4. It was something. I kick myself all time for not taking pics, we ate chicken leftovers for nearly a week. And he was a nasty Roo too!
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