6 Years
Jul 1, 2013
bruce mines
I just discovered blood in my hens poop and i dont know what to do AND I NEED HELP IM SO SCARED BECAUSE I JUST GoT THEM TODAY!!!!! I really need help! Will she die? How can i help her/ treat her? Whats wrong with my little pumpkin?????!??!
Since she is new to you I would treat her with Corid asap just to be on the safe side. You really don't want her getting a full blown case of coccidiosis. You can't go wrong by treating and ruling it out but if you don't treat and that is what she has she can certainly die and quickly.
This is the first ive known of this bloody stool in the chicken truck at the feed store there was no bloody poo in there crate? And its a very small amount of blood?
I honestly think she will be perfectly fine all my sex links including my wittle pumpkin (i love her so much) are very active and happy!! <3 and i havent seen any more bloody stool well we will see what tomorow brings
How old are these chickens? Medicated feed (with amprollium) is to help build up immunity in chicks gradually. It won't treat coccidiosis if they have the disease. This may not be a big deal, so don't freak out, just give them some buttermilk (or milk if that's all you have) mixed with some chick feed to coat their intestines until you get some Corid (amprollium) tomorrow morning. Corid dosing is 2 tsp liquid or 1 tsp powder in 1 gallon water for 5-7 days--treat all birds. This drug will be in the cattle section (still okay for chickens.)

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