HUGE expanses of land for sale in very rural setting!

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    Get out of the back yard, and get on a REAL farm. HUNDREDS of acres for sale in secluded Camden county North Carolina. Small farms, huge farms, many in between. Prices range from $3500 per acre, to $10,000 per acre depending on many variables. All prices negotiable. I'm 62 and farmed this land all my life. It's time for me to retire. Want to raise 1000 chickens? 10,000?? MORE? Not a problem. Camden county, North Carolina is a wonderful place to live, raise kids, raise animals....have a horse farm, vineyard, orchard....go fishing, hunting, birdwatching...shoot your gun, raise your own food, live a simpler life. I am easily contacted....Cell phone 252-202-4365 email [email protected]. VISIT OR WEBSITE AT HTTP://WWW.NCOBX.COM/CAMDENCO.HTML. Call me. We need to talk.
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    Spam. First post for this guy. Banned. Don't click the link-it's not a good one. Goes to that odd page when they can't find exactly what you're looking for, if you know what I mean.
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