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Jul 20, 2013
Okay, this hen is acting fine,eats fine and half her face is fine, than wham, turn her around and her eye is huge and red! What is wrong? She does sound like she can't breath through a stuffy nose so I gave her Tylan 50 and dropped some VetRx in her eye. In other ideas?
I will get more photos of her when I go back to the barn this evening. Kind of hard to take the photos with my phone and hold her at the same time. Thanks for the link, I will read it and see what they have to say.
OMG...I looked at the link! I couldn't do that! I hope that meds help if not I need to find a chicken vet that could do that procedure.
If it's a sinus infection you'll need to lance it and remove the pus. Tylan won't help with the pus, but it might help with the cause of it. Note that the site doesn't mention how much it will bleed, lol.

Since you have had this sort of thing happening in your flock for a month or so and lost a couple of birds, I would have the next one necropsied if you lose any more. This is obviously a respiratory infection going through the flock. CRD/mycoplasma may be the cause. Tylan is good, but there is one drug called Denagard that is supposed to be better for treating CRD and is only available online from QC Supply. It is more expensive and very bitter tasting, but apparently has no resistance built up to it like some other drugs. Here is a link to finding your local state vet for questions about disease, and also to talk about necropsy information. When this keeps happening, you need to figure out what organism you are dealing with.
Luckily I have lost only one bird. Everyone else seems healthy. She seems healthy too, except her one eye. Poor girl. I will look up those diseases and meds..ThAnks!
My friend reminded me that when we bought her the lady only parted with her because she had an eye issue. I left a message for the breeder to see if she can tell me what's is wrong and how to fix it.

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