HUGE fight with neighbor mostly abt peaccocks; vent


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Aug 25, 2008
Scenic Sierra Nevadas
I guess I really need to vent this. I had considered many times posting in the predator and pest section about free roaming peafowl. My neighbors who are refered to by the town folk and myself as Deliverence don’t engage in free range so much as they just have everything running loose. I have great experience with a herd of 20 peacocks everyday that come here b/c their dogs chase them here.
Their chiwahwahs (I can’t spell it, I’m so mad right now) have chased and killed their chickens, rabbits, kittens and have tried to dig into my chicken coop.
I have rescued their guineas on many occasions from the guineas sheer stupidity. (sorry guiney lovers)
Their 4 St Bernards and 2 hounds run my property freely until I chase them out. I have to kennel and contain in a yard my German Shepard b/c hes no match them and guess where he goes when he can, of course, so I prevent that. I also kennel and yard my little dogs. About 8 years ago, my husband and I invested quite a bit of money in putting up a good fence about 8 inches inside our property line and left the old crappy fence of theirs. THEY TOOK THAT CRAPPY FENCE DOWN and our nice fence contains their livestock.
Their peacocks have totally destroyed my vegetable garden and the fence and top I had put up. They are noisey, they crap on my car, crap on my house and dig up my flowers. I sling shot them and chase them out of the front of my place several times a day. For several years I have calmly asked them to do something about those peacocks, and I get blown off.
This morning I look out and head Deliverance is moving my fence panel, I go out there and ask what he is doing and it went from there. He claimed the fence was his, I told him he didn’t put a dime in it and did not help put it up, and I was sick of their crap, and he wanted to know like what and I said for example those peacocks and he said “go back to bed old lady, maybe you will get back up on the right side” I said [email protected]!x#x you.
My husband drives truck and is gone, they are not nice people, a lot of traffic comes and goes there, etc. We have 4 ½ acres and those peacocks have to live on top of us. I’m so frustrated and I AM NOT OLD.


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Aug 16, 2008
Call the township trustees. That's what we had to do when our stupid neighbor tried to claim OUR fence as theirs, even though they had just moved in and our fence had been up for years, and we are 2 feet off the property line!

As for his animals being on your property, call the sheriff. Call Animal control. Report him to everyone. Not sure where you live, but MOST places have leash laws on dogs, and if his are in your yard, he may be in violation of leash laws.

I am sorry for all you are going through! Goodluck with everything!


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Jul 27, 2008
That would get under my skin too.
I think the only thing you can do to resolve the problem is report it, so at very least you have a record? I would normally say talk to your neighbor but they dont sound as if they would take you seriously.


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May 19, 2008
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well...geez, sorry to hear about your neighbor!..i cant help you out about the peacocks..i guess i'd just let MY dogs get them?..but then again...
...its not the peacocks fault..... so,i dont know..sorry,,as for the moving your fence thing..LOL..why dont you go get the panel back...just go take it..its yours..
..i would have snatched it out of his i'm a hot headed redhead, adivce isnt always the best....if you dont feel comfortable doing it your local police dept., of luck with Deliverance....
..they sound like a trip to me...

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Yes, you can.

In Oklahoma, where I live, if a persons livestock (poultry, goats, cattle, etc... ) is invading land not belonging to the owner of that livestock then the owner can be fined for it. Repeatedly. $50.00 may not be a lot to some, but it adds up quick for repeat occurances. I believe the owner would eventually lose the livestock if the problem is not taken care of.

If I were you, I'd check into the state laws and ordinances on livestock containment. Also, anything involving animal/pet management (to get them on the dogs).


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Aug 29, 2008
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Oh my goodness..My temper (redhead here too) would certainly have showed itself if it were my fence. Do you have the reciepts for the fencing? I would call the sheriff/police dept. and file a report. Can you trap the peacocks and dogs and get rid of them quietly? If not I you can always resort to what others call the three SSS's. I hate bad neighbors!


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Aug 25, 2008
Scenic Sierra Nevadas
Redhen: I have my fence panel, its where it belongs!
jbowyer01: I really try to control my temper, sometimes I fail.
Kinnip: I have some receipts, but the fencing matches what is on the rest of our property. Our property is very pretty, they are junky jake.
To All: thank you, I live very, very rural, I'm above Springville, below Balch Park above the Sierra Nevada foothills, but nowhere near the top. I have no township, no annimal control, and we share the sherrif. I am starting to research my legal rights, borrow my grandsons bb gun I guess, my oldest daughter is looking into a trap, the peacocks gotta go. This has gone on so long, I wish I would have gotten assertive several years ago, now I come off as a crazy lady, but truthfully, I'm a little fearful of those folks.

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