Huge injustice!

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    My thoughts and energy have been tied up with grief and sadness over a dog by the name of Bowser. His too soon demise is weighing heavy in my heart.
    For those others who have haven't heard Bowser's story- I met him at the Pasadena Humane Society when I went in November to go see about adopting a cat. To get to the cat bldg one must go past the dog kennels. We petted and scratched many of them. Then there was Bowser- 90lbs of Rottie mix, so sad, so sweet, so endearing. It was love at first site, I had an immediate connection. Thoughts of him kept me awake at night. But I had come for a cat, and passed him by (altho I did visit w/ him and brought him a cookie when I came back to pick my new cat Angus). I talked to the desk people about Bowser- and he had issues, but he also had people who were interested in him, and three days later he was adopted- YEAH!
    Fast forward to last Friday- a month has gone by and Bowser pops into my head. I go to the PHS website hoping he hasn't been returned- and sadly, there he is. I call PHS, they have my name and #, I am put in contact w/ Bowsers latest owner and we email and talk on the phone. I put out an all out assault to find this handsome boy a home: email, FB, neighbors, friends and co-workers. A friend w/ an acre in Saugus wants him- YEAH! PHS is closed on Mondays so they are going to go get him first thing Tuesday morning.
    PHS put him down Monday. They misread his availability date as a termination date. They didn't see my interest and contact info. I called PHS and cry'd my heart out to the adoption coordinator- he says he will look into the matter and call me back. He doesn't call- so I march in there Wednesday and cry, complain, yell, and ask for an explanation for their terrible error. They admit: "We really f***ed up", "policy and procedure wasn't followed", "VP Elizabeth Campo misread the file". Ms. Campo has my number and has yet to call with her apology or any explanation.
    I have cried till I can cry no longer. I am grieving. There are no words to explain the incompetence of PHS. In the past I have donated a car, and participated in their fund drives- I will no longer support PHS in any form.
    I know it is a busy time of year- but I also know all of you are animal lovers, and if you could fine the time time write or email PHS President Steven McNall and complain in Bowser's memory- this would be a tremendous Christmas present for all the animals that cannot speak up for themselves. 361 S. Raymond Ave. Pasadena, CA 91105 Phone 626-792-7151 Fax 626-792-3810
    Thank you for listening. I am thankful for our friendship and wish you a very Merry Christmas, Dianne aka Darlasmum
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    Mar 30, 2011
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    oh, that is just so sad and wrong on SO many levels. I am very sorry.
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    I'm gonna play devils advocate here and say that while it isn't an excuse, mistakes do happen. I can almost gguarantee that Ms Campo feels awful about that. She probably cried herself to sleep too. People don't often work at those places because they like to kill pets.
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    Dec 2, 2009
    Quote:x2 [​IMG]
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    This "mistake" cost an animal it's life. [​IMG]
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    Maybe they should change their rules so that they do not put animals down on days that they are closed to the public and instead wait until closing the day after. This would give interested parties a chance to come in a get an animal.

    "Bowser's Rule"
  7. onthespot

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    OP's mistake was stewing on it for weeks. If you want a dog, get it that day. Period. I am truly sorry that you are sad, but you just waited too long. Sometimes protocols are not followed when there are "just too many" coming in. Times are tough right now, and dogs are coming in in record numbers due to people losing their homes right and left. Big, dark colored dogs are generally the last to get adopted. They are the first to be put down when the squeeze is on. It is just the way it is. RIP Bowser. If you feel really, REALLY bad about it, go choose another dog and save it.
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    Jun 4, 2011
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    Quote:Yeah, I realize that. I'm sure Ms Cormo does too. I bet she's doing a good enough job beating herself up, and doesn't need help from others. I've worked in shelters enough to have seen some mistakes made, they were just that - mistakes. For a person who is there because they want to save those animals, nothing is worse.

    If one wants to make a productive difference, perhaps some nicely worded suggestions for ways that that mistake might be avoided, or better yet, go volunteer some time so that the shelter staff isn't so busy that they make mistakes.

    For anyone who wants to criticize, please be sure you've walked a mile in those shoes first. Working at a kill shelter is a HARD job. It is rewarding when you see animals saved, but it is also very hard on the soul to see the animals who don't make it. That's not even mentioning how hard it is to see the amount of neglect and cruelty, or simply indifference humans inflict upon those animals. They deal with the poop, vomit, and seeping wounds of pets that someone decided they didn't love any more. Yes, they also kill those pets, but I guarantee they love each and every one of those pets and a little piece of them dies with them.

    Its almost Christmas. Forgive her, don't forsake her. How many lives has she SAVED?
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    Aug 2, 2011
    I'm so sorry. [​IMG]
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    Bowser's favor.! Honestly I can say that some people (most at the shelters here) do not care enough if at all & they work at the kill pounds. Ive gone to search for a lost cat & look for an aussie for a friend periodically, & for every one nice person that clearly cares there are at least 5 that are rude, unprofessional, have no idea what their talking about most of the time, & clearly do not care one way or the other what happens. Last time I went there was an aussie brought in as a stray. I asked an employee if he knew anything about him like personality or anything & he rudely replied that he knew nothing about him, the dog was clearly marked stray, & since he was a stray there wasnt any way to know anything about him. Yeah but you've been around him & cleaning his kennel for at least a week or 2 yet you cant tell me crap about his personality? All I wanted to know was his energy level & if he was good with small kids & other dogs (min energy level)! Sadly there are people that work places they shouldnt. It happens, but when there are lives on the line you cant just say oops. If you have the lives of many animals running through your hands you HAVE to pay attention. If not get a job somewhere else. I dont mean to sound harsh, but I strongly believe a life is a life no matter what species or size. Hopefully this gal does care & will pay more attention in the future! Also the OP says they couldnt take the dog. NOT their fault!

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