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    May 23, 2008
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    Here is the deal everyone. We have RIR, Red Sex Links, and cornish chicks that no longer need a heating lamp for sale. We have over 200 we were stuck with and have to sell ASAP. There was a local farmer who gave us alot of eggs (3 sportsman worth) of eggs and we agreed to pay us after they hatched. Its now 3 weeks and no payment from this person and we have a bit into the feed. So for $2.00 each come get what you want and if you want them sexed will do that for you to. I can ship if you supply us with the box and pay for overnight shipping. The cornish will be ready to eat in a few weeks and the RIR and red sex link are getting a bit of size on them.

    Also with this we have about 50 white pekin ducks that have to go as well. Now These I do not mind having so the price is $4.00 each and these no longer have a heating lamp on them either. The ducks will have to be straight run. get in touch with us quickly as these will not last very long at this price.

    One last thing we do have some other birds from our breeders for sale no such as black copper marans, splash marans, black marans, blrw, light brahma, and many others! We are located in cumberland, va so drop us a PM or email us at [email protected]


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