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Ok, I know whose baby this is for sure. Sent eggs to Ellie in CA for her broody (named Cynthia, LoL). The only egg that hatched belongs to Riley, my Barred EE (BR x blue Ameraucana), and the sire of the chick is my Delaware rooster, Isaac. So, where did this come from? I expected a white or even a black chick, but chocolate brown? How is it possible? Riley's sire is my BR, Dutch, and her mother is my blue Ameraucana, Charlotte (not an EE). So cool that it actually has a beard, too! I sort of thought it might be beardless.




The parents (yes, I'm positively sure).

Isaac is the rooster in my avatar and here is the mama of the brown baby, my Riley.

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What? Are you sure Riley is not having an affair with a brown leghorn? That is too wild. Cute chick though.
Well, you know Riley is one of Isaac's girls and he doesn't share (nor could he, really). She and June are the only ones in that coop who lay green eggs, but June's are jumbo, matte finish, sometimes a bit rough, and mint green. Riley's are bluish green, shiny, smooth finish and a good bit smaller than June's so there's no mistake about whose egg it was. This should be very interesting watching her grow up.
The aswer might be sex link recessive chocolate. If your boy had one of that gene it wouldn't show but if he passes it to a female chick... instant chocolate. The best news, (If chocolate is the answer,) you can be sure that's a pullet.
the blue gene will throw any color , i have some blueXwhites that all came black , i have had solid blue parents throw bb red cocks
those brown feathers will prolly turn black or blue later, but it may molt out to be lighter grey blue
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I don't think it's the blue gene itself doing it, don't think it can. Never had anything from blues other than blue, black or splash (I've bred BBS Orps as well as BBS Ameraucanas). This must be some hidden recessive gene which is not so hidden anymore. Just wish I knew who it was hiding in. Wherever it came from, it should be a fun chick to watch grow and change.
Yup, yup, yup, so right! I hatched two chicks that looked similar, come to think of it, years ago. I called them the Chocolate Chicks. They are Iris and Hazel, owned by lockedhearts now. They were EE rooster over BR hens. Hey, I'm onto something here, I think! But, the EE rooster was truly an EE, not an Ameraucana. Still....seems an interesting coincidence, doesn't it? I'll have to look for pictures of Iris and Hazel as chicks. Oh, oh, oh, now I'm excited! Those are really beautiful hens, Ellie!

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