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Oct 19, 2021
I'm self taught in holistic medicine soon for about 30 years. I have very high quality and minerals. The ones on Amazon seem to be expensiveAnd my Retard income is limited. I know the animal Requirements may be different, comma but I'm thinking thinking why can't I just open up some capsules every few days and just mix it with the fermented food. I have a liquid mineral That has every mineral and trace manual for excellent health and I would think that would be good for chickens. My vitamin formula is from life extension. Is this a dumb idea?

So far I have been fermenting the chicken food. I buy country Something at Costco and it is organic feed. The layer scratch I get is non GMO from tractor supply. Right now I have10 chickens and 5 ducks. I am feeding them about 4 large scoopsFrom a blue Cup. I'm not sure how much to feed them, The duck stopped eating after a while And the chickens keep on eating. Maybe they should be called pigs. Lol. Am I doing this right or am I feeding them too much. Seems like it's been 2 weeks since I've had and I'm down to about half of a big bag of each.
Thank you so much for your input


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There is zero reason to mix in vitamins of any kind into commercial chicken feed, unless you are treating for a specific ailment (like wry neck). The feed is already nutritionally balanced for a chicken's needs.

Chickens (I don't have ducks so can't answer for them) should be allowed to freely feed during daylight hours, and can self regulate. Exception would be meat birds which can eat themselves until they can't move.

I'm unclear on this part, but it sounds like you're feeding 50/50 scratch and feed? Scratch is a treat and should be 10% or less of their diet.

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