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    Feb 17, 2014
    My chicken tractor is going to be located right in my "front yard" (I live in a fourplex) that is near the road (not a busy one) next to our small garden. My property is fenced in and we do have a gate but since all of the tenants have different schedules the gate is left open and unlocked. A lot of people pass by our place walking to and from the University, home, to work, etc... I am a bit worried that someone may want to try and steal the plump little ladies that I hope my chicks will soon grow to be. Is there any way I can keep people out/away from the tractor? I'm considering putting padlocks on all the doors of the tractor and perhaps using those large ground staples you can get from hardware stores to fasten the tractor down (does not have a floor on it). At least that way if someone is trying to get in it will be obvious and hopefully someone will be around to say something or chase them away.

    Anyone have other suggestions or are familiar with this type of situation? A piece of me would die inside if one of them got stolen :( And I only have three to begin with anyway... would be heartbreaking.

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    My knee-jerk reaction is this: A small solar electric fence might be in order! Or a sign, "attack dog".?

    But please check your subdivision's ordinances if you haven't already...hate to have you go through the pain of re-homing the hens if someone doesn't like the egg song! And no, a shock from a solar fence isn't funny - and not something I'd recommend! At all.....!

    Your situation seems precarious at best for your hens...a huge padlock is definitely in order! Perhaps even those huge ground stakes that are used for tent canopies at fairs (they look like a huge screw with an eye-bolt on top). You could stake it down with that.....

    Good luck! Sounds like you've got some time before the chicks need to be outside. Look around at what neighbors with dogs do. That'd be the first place to start.
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    Feb 17, 2014
    Thanks for the input :) We have two pitbulls that live in our fourplex but are either inside or in the back during the day so aren't very threatening. But putting up a sign might work and I am definitely going to look into those stakes. Thanks so much!
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    Stakes and padlocks seem like a good idea to me.

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