Humboldt/Del Norte County, Anyone?


Mmm, tastes like chicken
13 Years
Jan 7, 2008
N.Cali/Chico/Forest Ranch
No, but my sister lives in Redway, which is in Humboldt County, and I lived there when I was 4 years old til I was 10 years old. I get there at least 3 to 4 times a year, the Avenue of the Giants is my home away from home.
I am going to Crescent City this upcoming weekend because our 65 Lincoln is entered in a Car show there, so we'll be there for the weekend, staying at the EconoLodge.
I go to the Poultry show in Humboldt County every year I can also. This year I think it's going to be in Ferndale. My dad and brother lived in Ferndale for 4 years also, but they came back here before my brother passed away. So, I dont live there, but part of me is there! Always!


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