Humdity says 88%?

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    I have a springfield humidity moniter, and I am on day 19 with my chicken eggs due this friday. The moniter says 88%. I have both vents open, and I only have the 2 sections filled like the hovabator 1602n manual says. Last time I hatched, I filled up all of the sections and was at 65%.

    The chicks shouldnt drown or anything, right? Ive never had it this high, except for ducks. Maybe I will air out the room, to try and get some humidity out of the air.
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    I know sometimes when I fill up the sections if I splash a little, it will spike really high untill the splashes evaporate, then it will go back down. Also if your room air is higher humidity, then it can raise it in the incubator.
  3. SundownWaterfowl

    SundownWaterfowl Overrun With Chickens

    Well, since I just moved the eggs to the hatcher this morning. I opened the bator, and soaked up most of the water out of the two sections, and the humidity is going down. Then if it does go to low, I will just use a large syringe and add more water without opening the bator.

    Im so nervous with this hatch because my first 5 buff silkie eggs are due to hatch. [​IMG]

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