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    I have a goofy humidity question. Can the developing embryos control humidity? I have a still air bator with no turner, so I'm doing it myself. This morning when I turned the eggs the humidity was 45% before I did anything, it dropped to 40% when I opened the bator to turn, and now when I check it the humidity is up around 53%. I haven't added water or touched it since this morning. We're in CO and the humidity here is pretty low too. So what would cause that?

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    HMM not shure but I am shure someone here will know.
    Incubating eggs is so exciteing isnt it.
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    I figure it's just another part of the chicken addiction. Raise chicks, have laying hens, start incubating eggs. The anticipation is the fun part!! [​IMG]


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