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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by The Lisser, Dec 9, 2010.

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    My DH built my homemade incubator and a separate hatcher (because I got eggs going all the time!). Instead of fiddling with water bowls and sponges, he built a controller and used ultrasonic humidifiers for the humidity. We've had a few mishaps with this design, but overall it works great and the humidity stays constant . . . as long as the water reservoirs are filled!

    Well with my current hatch, I woke up yesterday morning and the humidifier was out of water and the humidity in my hatcher was 16%!! Ee gads!!!! It had been fine the previous evening but I guess since it's so cold outside and the furnace is running constantly, the humidifier is running way more than it did with my previous hatches. Of course I immediately filled it up and it was soon back where it should be. That was day 19 on my hatch.

    Do my babies have a chance??? I will be starting day 21 this evening - I don't see any pips but did hear a peep this morning. Humidity is at 68%. If the babies hadn't pipped would there be a chance they were "shrink wrapped"? With having the humidity okay the rest of the time, would the water be replenished in the membranes??

    Thanks for any help.

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    I think you've done all you can now. Maybe it was dry for only a small amount of time. A suggestion if that happens again, warm mist of water - quickly over eggs will raise the hummidity quickly. Praying for a great hatch!!! Nancy
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    I think you are probably OK only time will tell, i don't think a hen stays on the nest the last 3 days with out coming off, & humidity would surely fall when she does, don't know this for sure but its my guess you will be OK, good luck, let us know how you come out.
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    Thank you for the answers and encouragement! I have 4 pips now so I'm hoping I will get some chicks from this hatch! [​IMG] Will post an update later.
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    More than likely they are fine. Temp and humidity problems during lockdown affect them less than if it had happened on say day 10.
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    I have two chicks!!!! Yippeee!! And a whole lotta pips. [​IMG]

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    Well, I think the humidity drop did not affect the hatch. [​IMG] I ended up with 8 healthy chicks out of 13 eggs that made it to lockdown. That's pretty typical for my experience with shipped silkie eggs - about half make it to hatching (of the ones that develop).

    I will try to take a picture later! [​IMG]


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