Humidity dropped to 55%. Are they ok?


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May 18, 2010
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I went into lockdown last night. Humidity was at 65%. This morning it was at 55%. Is that too low? I got it back up to around 70%. I have 2 pips. Don't hear anything. Last night I heard peeping and that is why I went into lockdown a day early. Today is actually the 18th day. I just want to be assured (I hope) that they are not shrink-wrapped.
We actually use the dry incubation method, which maintains the humidity around 50% for the incubation, then raises it to between 60-70% 3 days before the hatch. So, they should be fine. Temps are what you really have to regulate for a good hatch.
I wouldn't worry. Some of the pro's only do 45% in lockdown.
fingers crossed for you and wishing you a great hatch rate!!!

Best of luck,

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