Humidity for hatching in Florida

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    Oct 8, 2015
    I hatched Ancona duck eggs very successfully, so when It came time to try my first batch of chicken eggs I was very dissapointed when only 3 made it. I had 3 hatch, 2 hatch and die one right away and one that night. I had several fully form and never hatch, or pip the shell and never make it out. I am trying again and really worried about my humidity. I don't remember exactly what I had it on the first hatch. I have found so many conflicting temps. I purchased Storey's book and found many resources online only to make me more confused. Please help. I am in south Florida and would love to get advise from those in this area about humidity and what has worked for them. I have a Hova Bator still air. Thanks Valorie
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