Humidity for incubation

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  1. cici_p

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    Feb 27, 2009
    I've read a multitude of posts on this topic, but need a little advice to do my first hatch!!!!
    I live in a very arrid climate. I can get my homemade incubator stable at 35% humidity. That is with a bowl full of water and a large sponge directly below the bulb and in front of the fan
    The only way I have found to raise it significantly is to put in a wet cloth in front of the fan and over the bulb--this can bump it up any where from 55%-75% depending on what size cloth I use.
    my question is, not having been able to reach the magic 45% mark that seems to be recommended, should I go with a stable 35% and then raise it for the last 3 days? Or should I go for a slightly less stable 55-60% throughout incubation.
    Advice please? Or is there some magic way I haven't discovered of getting a more medium humidity level?
    Thank you for help. My eggs are coming and I want everything to be perfect!!!!
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    Nov 19, 2008
    planet chicken
    40-50 for day 1-18 and 60-70 for day 19-24 in my humidity and works great 4 me.

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