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I just started up my homemade incubator and am doing a dry run. It's been going about 6 hours and the temp is holding great, but the humidity is at 71%. I live in Florida and and the daily humidity is bouncing between 65 to 85%. How can I get the bator humidity down to 50% when the atmospheric is so high?? I know that there are people in Fla that hatch eggs??? thanks all........stan

Edit to say : I have not put any water in there, this is atmospheric.
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What is it made of? I would drill a few holes in the side to let more air in.

Edited to add. Did you calibrate your hygrometer to see if it reading correctly?
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I don't know about letting more air in?? The atmospheric air is 75%! It is made of 3/4 inch plywood, weatherstripping at all openings, and spring latches. Kind of thinking that it will dry out with it running at temp for some time longer?? I may need to post on the Fla. thread, but expect it would be moved to here by moderator......stan
I often hatch in my basement in Illinois. Humidity runs 65% or more and seemed to cause some issues. I now run a dehumidifier - for chicks and basement health. Several 100% hatches since the change. I'd say it worked. Any chance you can dehumidify your hatch room? Never lived in Florida, so don't know how hard it would be. Good luck.

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