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    Dec 3, 2016
    I live in Scotland uk have a Covina semi automatic, temp has always ran steady, humidity has only been 39% at most but eggs have developed fine (5 out of 12 eBay eggs)
    Today at 9:30 pm is lock down and from what I've been reading humidity should be up but I'm struggling to get it higher, will this be bad if it doesn't rise or be ok, I put a tub with sponge in earlier but it really has not risen humidity at all, any advice or tips would be great x
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    Hi there :frow

    To create more humidity you need increase the surface area of water in the incubator. I'm not familiar with your incubator but does it have wells in the bottom where you add the water? The depth of water won't create more humidity but the surface area will so I find adding kitchen towel to the bottom of the incubator and wetting it really gets the surface area spread out to get the humidity to at least 65%. Spreading wet sponges out will have the same affect as you are creating more surface area.

    Good luck with your hatch :fl

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