Humidity ?s on goose eggs

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    This is my first time with goose eggs. I have 3 that made it this far. My eggs are on day 26. I upped the humidity to 75 and the windows have fogged up is this okay. Also i have to keep the plugs in to keep the humidity up. Should i take them out or is it okay to leave them closed. My grandkids think they are dinosaur eggs because they are so big.
  2. Day 26 I up the humidity to around 75-80%. Once the goslings start to pip, I would open up 1 of the red vent plugs, because they do need ventilation.
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    You should have both of the vent holes open for as much fresh air as possible. Try taking some sheets of wet paper towel and laying them in the bottom of the incubator. It won't hurt the eggs, and it will bring the humidity up very well.

    I have a post in my BYC pages on hatching goose eggs, it is also in the 'sticky' links at the top of the incubating and hatching eggs forum page [​IMG]
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    I would take at least one of the vent plugs out now. Lack of ventilation is probably more dangerous to a hatch than a lower humidity level. You can place some warm wet paper towels in there to help keep the humidity up.
    Good Luck. [​IMG]

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