Humidity too high during lockdown


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9 Years
May 14, 2010
My humidity was too high during lockdown (75%). Two out of 8 hatched fine yesterday (day 21). Two more have pipped but are having trouble hatching today (day 22). The membranes that are showing look a little bit bloody. Not real bad, just redder than normal. And there are 4 others that were ok when lockdown started but nothing has happened. Humidity is now down to 65%. Should I try to lower it more? Leave it alone? Try to assist the ones trying to hatch? HELP!


12 Years
Apr 20, 2010
Sierra foothills, California
Don't decrease your humidity since the problem was in lockdown, changing it now won't help. Look to see if the chicks beaks/nostrils are clear so they can breath. It can take up to 24 hrs from pip to zip. You don't want to jump in and help too soon because they may still need time to absorb their egg yoke. As long as they look like they are breathing or able to chirp you have time to access the situation and decide if they need help later. Try to stay calm. I know it is hard, but sometimes we do more harm than good when we're in a panic!! GOOD LUCK!

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