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Oct 6, 2009
Is there a good way to ensure around 50 percent humidity in an incubator without any type guage?

How can you tell if it's too humid in the incubator?
There's no way to ensure humidity without a gauge. But there are a lot of folks you never use one as they feel humidity is not as important as temp. If there is condensation inside the bator or on the glass.... then it is most likely in the 70% range (based on my experiences) Search for the dry incubation method also for some more info on humidity. That's what I do for the most part.... just make sure there is some humidity in the bator with a small dish and worry about it only at hatch time when it's time to bump it up. I still use a gauge just to make sure I don;t drop below 25% but it's never happened to me.... though every climate effects these things differently.

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