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May 30, 2011
San Clemente
My humidity says 47% and I filled my still air incubator's middle trough with warm water a day ago. It should be higher right? How do i get the humidity to go up!? My temperature is 100.5. Sorry if you have heard this, I put a lot of questions on my other post but no one responded and I am very desperate to get some answers..

Thanks for any help,
I am preparing to incubate eggs for the first time. I have been reading all kinds of stuff and getting myself all freaked out. I just read this today... dry incubation
I printed it off and highlighted the important stuff I want to be able to refer to quickly. I think I am gonna go with this method. It makes a lot of sense.
No, under them where the water pan/lip is. You don't want to get water on the eggs, it can cool them, or mess with the oxygen exchange.
I used still airs for years and if you are going with wet hatches then that is about right. In my 1588's I am now doing dry at about 35% because of the outside are brought in (Delaware is Humdid) and increased my hatches to almost 90%. Does not work for everyone and you will get a million opinions but it sure works for me.
I just got my hova bator 1588 and my humidity in the house is over 50%. I am practicing right now on keeping the humidity around 30ish%. I am glad to hear someone is having success with this method using same incubator as me.
I am trying my first dry hatch. I have to say it is hard to get out of the habit of worrying about the humidity in the incubator. I use a hovabator still air. I have never had any problems with temperature, but I did have a little spike last night which I am hoping will not affect the hatch. We will see how it works out.


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