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    May 30, 2009
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    I've never hatched in winter before. Very dry in house (AND we have a fireplace)! Having trouble keeping humidity up. Next Tuesday is lockdown. I've noticed some of you put a sponge in a dish in bator. Is the sponge damp, wet, or damp with water in dish? I try to get humidity to 70% but it's gonna be hard cause I gotta go to work. Got 37 live one & don't wanna lose any (who does?) Thanx!
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    Aug 10, 2011
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    Close off top vents not all the way.Surface area of water container is the key. I use like Folgers coffee cans(plastic kind).Cut off to height needed.There are various sizes changing surface area or use multiple.Most of the time the problem is a Hydrometer that wrong. If you have not checked (calibration) simple to do and quite accurate.Google it or Search BYC.ON HOW.Around here my problem is the reverse or like it is now front due in couple days south wind off Gulf and high Humidity and come Saturday a front is due in with North wind and low Humidity.So I Chase my Tail a lot and cover my coffee cans with there lids and uncover ....cva34

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