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    ...into future merging of my chickens.

    My NN babies (6) are 4 weeks old, and from day one had a very distinct personality far different from the first batch of chicks I had last year. They are mellow, easy going and only panic when the Big Black Net enters their run to catch them. Last years chicks were the supreme example of "when in fear or in doubt, run in circles, SCREAM and shout!" They ran in circles many times a day.

    Yesterday, I was working in the garage with the run door open petting the babies as they came to the door, and my head hens greeted each other, Goldie a Speckled Sussex who has been the head hen for the last year, slipped into the run to check it out, and she was greeted by Annie Dot (all NN are "Annie) who zipped up to Goldie stretched herself to her tallest (reached all the way to Goldies keel), and gave her an excellent Stink Eye before pecking those huge feet. Goldie tried to side step the greeting but next thing the rest of the Annies circled her and went after the feet. Finally in desperation Goldie pecks in the direction of Annie Dot and fled her greeting committee. She looks sideways at the babies every time she goes past their run now, they are far too quiet and independent for her liking.
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