Hunted By Moonlight.

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    This is the book Hunted By Moonlight, I will post a chapter a day, any negative comments will be ignored, watch for new chapters!

    The day started off as an ordinary Saturday, but it turned gruesome very quickly.
    Here I lie, on the ground, in the street by my friend Amy's house in a pool of my own blood.
    I stared up at her.
    She had a shocked expression on her face, and her dark curls nearly covered her teary eyes.
    She had her cell phone against her face as the 911 operator tried to help.
    She had said the ambulance was on its way.
    The driver of the car that hit me was gone.
    I was probably hit for no reason but I wasn’t in the driver's way until he swerved.
    I flew off the sidewalk into the air, and landed on the hard asphalt of the road, pain searing through my leg as I heard Amy, who had been waving goodbye running in my general direction.
    Amy was talking to a 911 operator frantic, saying "She is coughing up blood, and her leg is bleeding really badly."
    Amy and I have been friends since kindergarten, but we may not be friends much longer if my injuries are that bad, I thought.
    I felt a jolting pain run up my leg, and once again I started coughing up blood, taking in the little air I could get.
    Amy said, "Okay," to the operator, and then started pushing me up onto my side.
    I could finally breathe better, but I was still losing blood, fast!
    The ambulance sped around the corner, and came to a screeching halt ten ft. away.
    I knew my time was becoming shorter, but I only cared about how Amy was.
    It was my blood staining her new jeans, and her favorite shirt.
    She plead to the medics to let her go, but they said, "No, we don't need any distractions.
    I was fading in and out of consciousness, and then I was out cold.
    There was a form nearing me, which was coming towards me so majestically, I forgot what had happened. I forgot my whole predicament.
    He started saying something, and then I woke up again.
    He was gone, but the words were still there, and I realized it was a medic.
    I couldn't quite catch his words before I fell back into my unconscious mind.
    I was suddenly running through the woods on all fours, trying to grip the wet ground.
    I could hear the howls of bloodhounds, and a man yelling, "I gotcha now missy!"
    I could feel the wet autumn leaves and soft moss under my feet. Hear them crackle, and shift.
    The dogs would surely hear it.
    The sound of churning water filled my ears now.
    Suddenly, the ground fell out from under my feet.
    I felt the sting of cold water on my skin as I plunged in, letting it carry me. Unbelievably tired, I started trying to swim across, Moonlight my only guide.
    I could see the other bank, and I felt relieved. The sight of the other side said freedom, but just as I was almost there, I woke up.
    I was in a room, on a bed with blue sheets.
    The pillow that propped me up was covered with soft paper, feeling like notebook paper you crumpled so much it shrinks.
    The pain in my leg was going away, and my parents were looking at me like I was the best present in the world.
    Suddenly, a man that looked surprisingly like the one in my dream came into the room.
    My parents turned to him like he was important, looking like they were pleading, dad grabbing mom's hand. Squeezing it tightly, and putting his other hand on top of it.
    The man spoke, "She's going to be fine." he said smiling.
    And mom and dad looked relieved.
    Mom started crying, and hugged me.
    "I love you." She whispered as if it wasn't obvious.
    "Her wounds are healing nicely, but as you can see," he gestured towards the cast on my leg, "She won't be fully healed for a while.
    I suddenly thought of something. Has anyone told Amy that I'm, ok? She must be worried.
    "Gimme the phone." I said. I wasn't talking to any certain person.
    "There is no phone in here, hon." My dad said.
    "Then gimme your phone."
    "Phones aren't supposed to be on in the hospital." Mom chimed in.
    So now I can't call Amy. That’s great. I had to tell Amy. I wanted to hear her voice. Just for a few minutes. I guess I can't do that.
    "You should go to sleep," mom said, "You'll need it.
    In the course of five minutes, I was fast asleep.

    I woke up about five hours later, hearing doctors pushing something on wheels through the hall.
    The halls weren't as busy as earlier, so I snuck out, planning on finding a phone.
    Amy's parents were out of town, and she was all alone.
    That worried me. She could be in danger.
    There was no one behind the check-in desk. Bingo.
    I went behind it, and started dialing her cell.
    I heard her voice, frantic, say, "Help!" And then a man in the background, saying things i couldn't hear well.
    I heard the sound of crashing glass.
    "Where are you?" I asked.
    "My house, call the police!" she said, whispering.
    I picked up the second phone on the other side of the desk, holding the first on my shoulder with the side of my head, the smooth plastic cool against my ear as I listened, then dialed 911.
    "911, please state your emergency." the operator said, in a gruff voice. It was a man.
    "M-My friend is being attacked in her house."
    "How do you know this?" he asked.
    "She's on the phone with me."
    "Where is she?" He asked.
    I gave him the address, and he said that he was sending help now.
    A few minutes later I heard the sound of police cars coming from the first phone.
    "Thank god." I heard Amy say.
    "Where is your friend now?" The man asked.
    "Hold on," I said, and asked her loud enough that the operator could hear it. "Where are you, Amy?”
    "In the drier, I'm hiding in the drier."
    I told the man on the other line, "The drier."
    He said, "The suspect has been apprehended trying to leave the scene, tell your friend she can come out."
    I did.
    "Thank you, you saved my life." she said, sounding relieved.
    "And you saved mine." I said.
    Just then, a nurse rounded the corner.
    "What are you doing behind there?" she asked.
    I said goodbye to Amy, and hung up both phones, then went as fast as I could around the corner, and into my room before the nurse could catch me. In about five minutes I was fast asleep.

    I woke up in my bedroom. Dad must have taken me home.
    I had a light blue cast on my leg that sort of limited my movement. I couldn't get around very fast, now.
    I pulled my blankets to the left of me, and sat up, feeling groggy. I needed some food.
    My cast limiting my speed, I hobbled down the hall, hoping my parents weren't awake, and came into the kitchen. I went to the fridge, and took out some shredded cheese, a bag of lettuce, and Italian dressing.
    I hadn't had salad in a long time, so I wanted to have some now, so I pulled a bowl out of the cupboard, and put three handfuls of lettuce in it, then a handful of cheese, and some dressing.
    The table was clean, with no bills on it for once, and i sat at it and ate my salad, the morning sun coming through the windows a beautiful orange color.
    Birds flew past my window, and I wondered about them. How they fly, and how their bones are hollow.
    I finished my salad quickly, and went back to my room, dressed, and left a note for my parents.
    Dear parents,
    I am going to Amy's house, don't worry, I'll be safe. I had salad for breakfast.
    I was wearing sweatpants to cover my cast, and a blue t-shirt, with white Nike shoes.
    The door was locked, so I unlocked it, and stepped out into the cool morning air, walking on the sidewalk, heading east.
    Amy lived only a block away, and I was halfway there, when I heard a man yell, "Ain't you the girl that called the police? I walked faster, not wanting him to come towards me.
    He didn't come. I felt relieved.
    A few minutes later, I was at Amy’s. The door was locked, so I pushed the doorbell.
    She came and unlocked it, and hugged me, "Thanks."
    "No, thank you." I hugged her back, and then we went inside, locking the door behind us.
    We entered the living room, and sat on the couch. Then, immediately started chatting about what had happened in the last few days.
    She told me how funny I looked when I winced, and I told her how funny she sounded when she was scared. Then we both started laughing.
    We got control of ourselves quickly, but still snickered a bit.
    "You looked so funn-" the doorbell cut us off.
    We looked at each other, unsure what to do.
    She started walking toward the door, but I stopped her, and shook my head. I am stronger even with a cast. Walking towards the door, I listened for any specific sound.
    The doorbell rang again. I backed away. Any normal person would've left by now. Something about this was wrong.
    Very wrong.
    "Where does your dad keep his gun?" I asked.
    She pointed to a table in the living room. It had four drawers.
    I shuffled through them, and found a pistol.
    My dad had taught me how to shoot at my grandpa's house. I checked to make sure there was ammo in it, then pulled back the safety and held it downwards, walking towards the door.
    I suddenly heard a loud crack coming from the back door. Someone was breaking in.
    "Hide!" I whispered, and ushered her into her room.
    She slid silently underneath her bed, and I hid in the closet, watching the surroundings through the slits, and listening to the sound of boots walking through the house.
    "I know you're in here, you little brats. You got my brother arrested," He said, sounding annoyed. "Come out here." he walked into the room.
    I could see him now. He was brown haired and very active looking, like a farmer. Armed only with a crowbar. He walked around the front of the bed, and knelt down. His head nearing the point that he could almost see under the bed.
    "Hold it right there!" I said surprising him. I opened the closet door, and stepped through quickly, pointing the gun at him, far enough away that he had no chance of hitting me with the crowbar.
    He jumped up, startled, and backed away, into the living room.
    "Now, get out of this house, and don't come back." I followed him to the backdoor, and aimed the gun.

    The bullet knocked the crowbar from his hand, and man, could he run! He was up, and over the fence in five seconds.
    Amy came running out, "Did you hit him?" She asked.
    "No." I said, surprised at her for thinking I would do such a thing.
    My dad had always told me I was a sharpshooter, but I never thought my ability to aim a gun would ever come in handy.
    I walked out into the yard, and picked up the crowbar, handing it to Amy.
    "Evidence." I said.
    "Cool," she said, and looked at it like a prize. She held it in her hands while I put away the gun. And wrote a note explaining where Amy would be.
    It’s too bad that I didn't see him very well, I would have had the police hunt him down.
    I brought Amy home with me. I was now holding the crowbar in my hands for protection.
    "If my mom and dad ask we found it side of the road. Let’s not get them worrying or they'll never let me out of the house."

    We snuck in, trying to avoid my parents. They were still sleeping. We tiptoed past their door. They didn't even wake up.

    We walked into my bedroom, and put the crowbar on my dresser. It made a small clunk.
    My German shepherd dog, Dancer walked in. She jumped up on the bed, and sat, waiting to be petted. I always felt safer with her around.
    I sat on the bed and scratched her chest, and she started move her leg up and down to get me off her tickle spot.
    Amy spoke up, "Lena lets tell your parents I'm here."
    I stopped scratching Dancer's tummy.
    We went out in the living room to watch TV, and stayed on the couch till 9:00
    My parents had gone to work already, and were now sitting on the couch with us.
    "So you want a sleepover, Lena?"
    Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Dad got up and opened it.
    "Is Lena Horowitz here?" a male's voice asked.
    "Lena! An officer is here to talk to you.” dad yelled from the door.
    "Coming!" I yelled, running to the door.
    The face of the officer looked familiar, but I couldn't tell who he was because he was wearing one of those big, tan hats and it was covering the top of his face.
    "Lena Horowitz I presume? Can you come with me? I have some questions to ask you."
    I looked at him. "As long as my dad comes with me."
    He smiled. "Sure. I just need you to come to the station for a few questions so we can clear things up."
    "Ok." I walked to the police cruiser, and got in the back seat so I could sit with my dad. To tell the truth, I was nervous. I'd never been interrogated before.
    Dad got in next to me, and the officer backed down the drive, and then went the way with the shortest route.
    "So, how's the leg?" He asked.
    I wondered why he wanted to know. He sounded interested in it. "I-uh-it's fine,” I said. "I have a fancy blue cast, and everything." I smiled at the joke.
    He chuckled, "Blue, huh? My favorite."
    "Been feeling ok?" He asked.
    "Yes, its fine."
    "Is your friend," he paused, thinking. "Amy, was it? Is she ok? I heard some burglar attacked her."
    "Yes. In fact, she’s at my house right now.” I said.
    "Really?" he asked, surprised.
    "Yes." I wondered how he knew we were friends. I started thinking.
    He must have been there, but, who is he?
    "Well, sorry to interrupt your, um..., sleepover?" he was probably wondering what she was doing at my house. I didn't blame him. It must make him feel intrusive.
    I looked at my dad, catching his eye, "Yes, It's a sleepover."
    Dad comprehended my message quickly. He didn't know until now that she was sleeping here tonight.
    I looked up out the window, trying to find the big and little dippers. The car turned twice in a row, and we were now in the parking lot of the police station.
    The officer parked his cruiser, and said, "C'mon, everyone out, as he got out and escorted us inside to an elevator on the left side of the first floor.
    I watched the numbers on the digital screen at the top of the elevator change. 1...2...3...4. Then it stopped, and we got out.
    We were now in a hallway lined with doors, spaced twelve feet from each other.
    We walked down the hall and stopped at the fifth door on the left. The officer led us into a white room, and pulled out a black chair with wheels, and a red cushion on the seat and back. I sat in it immediately.
    The officer proceeded to walk with my father to the end of the room, where there was a large mirror, and a door next to it. He urged my dad to go through, and then he closed the door, walked back, and sat at the other end of the table.
    I knew what the mirror was. I watched LAW and Order SVU all the time.
    What it really was, was a one sided window made to look like a mirror to fool convicts into spilling the beans in front of live witnesses, but I guess that trick will never work anymore, since it has been shown on TV all the time.
    The officer started asking questions, and I answered them all.
    By the time we were done, two hours had passed.
    He had asked a million questions about how the person that hit me looked, but I couldn't give him much info. Since I didn't get a good look at the guy. The whole time, his hat was covering the top of his face, so I was still wondering who he was.
    Finally, he looked up, "Alright kiddo, you're all set.
    His face finally showed, and I saw that he was the man from my dream.
    He had the same face, same hair, everything. It was extremely freaky.
    I got out of my chair, and waited by the door while the officer went to get my dad. I didn't even remember he was here until now.
    We walked out into the hall, back to the elevator, and pushed the button with the down arrow, waiting patiently for it to arrive.
    "So… is Amy ok?" The officer asked.
    "Yes, sir."
    "Good. By the way, the name's Garry." he said.
    There was a soft ding as the elevator doors opened. I started to walk forward, but Garry and dad grabbed my shoulders.
    I stopped.
    I looked forward, and realized the hazard I almost walked into. The elevator was stuck in between floors, and I could've fallen through the shaft.
    "You must be the luckiest kid in the world," he said. "I guess the elevator is out of the question.” he said turning to the other side of the hallway, leading us to a door marked staircase.
    "Down we go." Dad said.
    We walked down the staircase quickly, dad gripping the railing while I held my arms to my sides, stepping quickly, leaning back just the slightest bit to keep from falling.
    Garry was taking the steps quickly, holding both rails. He was in front followed by me, then dad.
    Garry got to the bottom step and looked up at us now ten steps behind him. I got tangled up in thought as his face showed again.
    Then, suddenly, five steps away from Garry my dad's foot hit my calf and I. Missed the next step and flew out across the stairs, taking a nosedive into the cement.
    My forehead was throbbing, and my eyes started to tear up, but I held them back, hoping I didn't look like a sissy. I got up onto my knees, and let the pain wear down, which took several minutes. The whole time, my dad asking me if I was ok.
    "Then again, you may not be very lucky at all. After all, you're not a leprechaun." Garry said.
    I laughed, and got to my feet, feeling my forehead. There was a bump the size of a quarter on it, and I was guessing it was going to stand out.
    Garry took us back through the first floor, and out of the building, back to the cruiser, and we got in.
    "Time to take you home, guys." Garry said, and he pulled out of the lot, and took us back the way we came. The whole time we never said a word. I was looking for the big dipper again, and dad was playing teeter on his cell phone.
    As we pulled into the driveway, Garry said, "Have a nice night."
    Dad and I got out, and then he left.
    We went inside and saw Amy and mom both sleeping on the couch.
    I went over, and woke up Amy, taking her to my room.
    She climbed to the top bunk of my bed, and pulled the covers over her, resting her head on the pillows, and going to sleep.
    I sat on the mattress of the bottom bunk for a minute, then covered up and went to sleep.
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    not bad [​IMG] i'm writing a book myself[​IMG]. i like a suspenceful beginning... mine kinda goes from boring-ish to exiting, and then scary... and then tragic... and then magestic... for lack of a better word :p anyway, it's a good start! looking forward to more!
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    oh and
  4. you started writing it again! why did you make a new acount?
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    My brother changed my others password, i am going to just do it from the beginning so i can get more info on it and write chapter 25. thanks for the support cay and chicken.
  6. well lets hope he doesn't change this one too!
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    I agree!

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    Thanks guys , for the spport, next chapter tonight!, im working on CH. 25

    [​IMG] its getting hard from not writing in a few months, but ill be posting nearly all chapters sooner beings that im pretty far along. [​IMG] my brother continues to delete my stuff.
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    i'm giving you guys a preview of Ch.25 :D more suspence for you Hehehehe

    It was a long run and we we’re all tired we we’re in a patch of woods where is was to thick for them to get in. “What are we going to do?” Amy said. “I’m not sure.” Said Amys dad. “We can not go back into the towns, so it seems we have to stay up here.” Thoughts ran through my head ‘we are a pack, we can survive’ she thought. Gunshots rang above their heads and they we're off like a flash into deeper woods.
  10. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! you can't give previews!!!!!!!! that only makes it harder for us ! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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