Hunting Box Coop Conversion

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    May 9, 2016
    So my chicken addiction has grown from "all I want is a couple hens for some eggs" to 2 Barred Rock hens, 2 Speckled Sussex hens, 1 RIR or Buckeye hen (arriving Mon), 2 RIRxSex links pullets and a Barred Rock Rooster. Obviously my numbers have outgrown my modified playhouse coop so I confiscated(?) my boyfriends hunting box that he hasn't used in 7yrs. This is only the beginning but I wanted to share the process of upcycling with just the materials we had around the farm and donations of materials from friends junk piles. Hope this inspires someone like us who really can't afford and brand spankin new coop. Now still needs shingles around the nest boxes purely for visual saticfaction, a new paint job although I sincerely don't believe the chickens care that it is partially camo'd . Inside still needs the mesh on the windows and roosts and the feeder and waterer hung but....... Well here it is:[​IMG]



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    Nicely done.

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