Hunting dog woes

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    Our English Springer has been hunting in SD for 4 days, and he has some problems now. It's so sad to see him in pain. His ears are matted with burrs, and his nose and behind have lost a layer of skin. His eyes are swollen around the edges and slightly oozy. And his low belly is pink with scratches. We're not back in NC yet. How can we best help him recover?

    So far we have put a bit of neosporin on his nose and spent hours removing burrs. What else can be done? Especially for his male parts?
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    Those silly hunting dogs just never know when to say enough! Our irish setter would hunt until he dropped, and then after you had to lift him into the truck - throw a fit if you didn't let him out at the next field!

    If he seems to have sore muscles - Asprin is safe for dogs, I have given my 55 lb lab baby asprin for her arthritis once a day for over a year. Do not give too much, the recommended rate that I found online is 30 mg per 10 pounds, so probably 2 baby asprin ( they are 80 mg each) would be the max I would give. Asprin can cause stomache upset, so give a little food/treat with the asprin to protect the stomache lining.

    Tylenol is toxic to dogs - so do not give him any of that.

    Try to keep him from licking the scratched up skin - he will only irritate it more, causing more licking.

    Vaseline is a very good wound dressing. It coats a wounded surface, prevents the entrance of dirt onto the surface of the wound, and keeps the skin soft. The addition of a small amount of Iodine solution to the vaseline adds enough antiseptic qualities to make the mixture an excellent anti-bacterial.

    Read more:

    The idea is to soothe the skin and keep him from irritating it.
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