Hunting Rooster


8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
A pest in the chicken house...

So after visiting the coop, my husband walks up to me and says in an odd voice, "What do the folks on Backyard Chickens say about mice in the coop?". He proceeds to tell me the story of how our rooster, Madge, (sweetest roo ever
) heard a rustling sound and made a funny little call to tell the hens to be quiet. Apparently, Madge started tracking this mouse by sound, since it was almost dark. Hopping up onto the trash can we keep the feed in, he was turning his head first one way and then the other trying to pinpoint the sound.
Deathly quiet as Madge starts checking the nestboxes one by one, turning his head and listening for the smallest noise. A velociraptor on the prowl...

That's where the story ends, because my husband shut the door and left Madge to it!

I told my husband that according to what I've read, a mouse in the coop could be a real problem...for the mouse!

Guess Madge and his girls will get an extra boost of protein soon!

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