Hurrican Sandy Concerns


7 Years
Jul 14, 2012
Northwest Ohio
We live in Ohio and are forecasted to get 35-65 MPH with rain from this storm. I'm trying to get my coop ready as my 4 pullets are only 8 weeks old and i'm a bit nervous about their safety. THe coop is tied down to metal stakes as is their run but 65 mph winds are nothing to sneeze at. Any suggestions on what I can do to keep the coop dry? I'm concerned about the driving rain as I doubt anything is completely weather proof and the coop is pre-fabbed. Is anyone else taking extra precautions other than those obviously in the storm's path....
Same boat here, but I'm in Maryland and I'm getting ready to board up the girls windows now. The windows are my main concern, i don't want debris shattering them on to my girls. Other then that we're gonna ride it out. I just hope they are smart enough to retreat to the coop during the high winds and rain.
I'm hoping mine have the sense to move to the back section of their coop. They're scared to go in there because it is dark, but the front half is just screened...
I got my girls all set up to stay locked in the coop for a couple of days. I figure this will keep them as dry and as safe as I can muster. I am a little worried about my ducks though. Their dog house is not really big enough for them to be locked in for days with food and water (plus they would make a huge mess with the water!)

We are in SE PA, exactly where they are tracking, between Philly and West Chester. Our coop was made by my contractor husband... he assures me it can withstand the winds. So no worries there. Just don't want them too traumatized...

Well, I think as long as they are dry and warm they'll do just fine at least that's what I'm hopeful for. You for sure are going to get way more than we are here. It sounds sooo scary to me right now. Mine don't seem to get scared from weather but maybe that changes as they get older? I added some extra straw to areas of the coop that I thought may be drafty and added a lot more shavings. I noticed they are digging "nests" on the floor as opposed to roosting, is this normal? I notice they do roost occasionally but prefer making little holes on the floor. They are also sleeping at night in one of their nest boxes. Right now, i'm not too concerned as I assume they are doing this to stay warm and as they get bigger, they won't try and sleep together. I have a heat lamp on during the day because I keep their coop door open, but I turn it off at night when I close them in. I hope they will be warm enough this week as the winds and temp will be much colder than we have endured so far this fall.
kreagerm are you near the coast line at all and will flooding be any concern for you?

No we're actually up in the county, on a nice hill. We will be good with flooding, one less thing to worry about, thank god.
We just built a new coop a couple days ago. It isn't quite finished yet, but the bad weather made us have to put off work for a while. Right now our main concern is the damage the wind might do to our unfinished coop. Most of our chickens are being kept in a coop next to the garage, and all our chicks are in a room attached to our house. I'll give everyone extra bedding, and they should stay warm enough, I'm hoping.
Oh, and I'm in western New York.
I'm in New Hampshire on the seacoast. I just finished stapling a tarp around my run in the hopes of keeping it dry. I used a ton of staples. I'm going to play it by ear. The weather is already making things darker than they normally are. and it's already raining lightly here.


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