Hurricane Irene coming, and we are in England!!!!


8 Years
Apr 21, 2011
I am terrified for my girls!!! We live about 40 miles from the coast of NJ, and according to forecasts about the hurricane we are in the "extereme" range. Though the hurricane is only "2" i am scared that the winds may blow the coop over, we also live very near a wood, so a tree could fall on the coop!!!! The worst part is, we cannot prepare anything for it because we are away in England, and will not be back until Wednesday. We have a neighbor looking after the hens, does anybody have any suggestions of what we could tell the neighbors to do to prep the coop? thanks in advance!
Since you only have 11 birds may be they would be willing to let them weather the storm in some dog kennels in a garage or spare bathroom?
I would put them in the basement but we have loads of dangerous stuff like the lawnmower etc. that they could get hurt on, in addition to insulation which they would peck at. The Fam. would NOT let me put them in the house, and also the neighbor looking after them may not be able to get them all in the house.

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