Hurricane Irene Showgirl, Any Ideas?

Blue Ninja

9 Years
Jun 4, 2011
So, all 18 of my chickens survived. All but one seem just fine. My Showgirl is limping, developed lice, and a crusty eye. The last few days I have been treating the eye with warm compress and terramycin ointment. It started off goopy, then swollen, and this morning was crusted shut but not swollen anymore. As far as the limping goes, it has gotten worse over the last couple days and I can't seem to find a cause, unless it is the lice doing it. I have dusted with diatomaceous earth, and because of the eye problem am unsure of using anything else...I just don't know what I can do to take care of everything without causing further distress to his systems! I am assuming being cooped up for days is how the lice took hold, but no one else seems to have it. Dusted just to be sure though.

His appetite seems fine, he is alert and talking but lethargic, and has kind of runny/frothy/sometimes mucousy poo.
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