Hurricane Irene


12 Years
Feb 25, 2011
How are you preparing your chickens for the hurricane? I'm nailing a heavy plastic around my roofed run and hoping for the best
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We live on Long Island. We were either gonna close them in the coop or if the wind gets too bad, make a section in the basement for them. Gonna see how it plays out by Friday/Saturday.
Bless you for thinking of them, but I'm with Mrs. K. All that enveloping the run in plastic is going to do is make a sail that will blow it down or away if things get as bad as they might. What the wind might blow through will become something the wind can snatch up.

Do you not have a coop?
I've experienced higher winds and damage with nor'easter storms than the hurricanes here. Although when they sit on top of you for a couple days like George, that was disconcerting. Make sure your roof is tight and forget the side curtains.
Well, Im a little concerned,;)so,Ive prepared the spare bathroom for them, I covered the carpeted floor with an old piece of linoleum,Ill cover that with newspaper at the last minute,bring both laying boxes in, and add my 5 girls.
My 12 yo daughter is so excited about bringing the girls in Saturday that I think shes forgotten that a storms a comin.Now, Hubby? Well he thinks Ive lost it
Mrs. K :

Green Gables, if you tie a sheet of plastic on, it may act like a sail, and tear your run apart!


Mrs.K, ScottyHOMEy, and nwfl, thank you for that information. I never thought of it that way. I was thinking of the blowing rain. Maybe I should consider our cellar. Thank you again​

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