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7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
My Coop
My Coop
With the impending "Frankenstorm" in the Northeast and this is my first storm season with there anything special I need to do?

Should I leave them in the hen house?
i know its coming my way too the mayor sent phone calls warning ppl to prepare if you close by a ocean or beach i recomend putting them in a garage elevated and have extra towels
sy in my country we alwqays get floods every other day so its nothing rly serious to me
If you have tree branches or trees near your coop, beware of them falling on your coop/pen. Flooding rains are a problem. Keep in mind that predators (coons, possums, snakes etc) will be seeking higher ground too.
We're on a well, so I make sure I have enough fresh water put aside in jugs to last them for at least a week in case my power goes out. I also have a waterer and food station inside their house. They usually like to eat on their "front porch" or in the run, but if there is really bad weather, they stay in. And if you are low on feed, make a run to the feed store before the storm hits, too. We were without power for two weeks once and the stores that were open ran out of supplies fast.
I'm in NJ so I anticipate the power going out. I have well water also, so no power no water. We do have a generator which can't run the whole house, but we can alternate circuits. And so glad I have it as I have 25 five day old chicks now. I have a couple of milk jugs I'll fill with water for the coop since the water won't be on out there.
I'm in the same boat as you guys, I'm in Maryland and last years hurricane we lost power for 7 days, now they're saying this one is going to be worse, yikes. I have a generator so i'm not to worried about that part but I'm worried for the birds.

Do you think the ladies will be smart enough to stay out of the wind and rain and stay in the coop? I do plan on moving their water into the coop as well as their food, so maybe that will want them to stay in the coop.
Im in Connecticut and we arn't looking so special either. My ladies feed inside the coop and water outside in the run.

I planned on wrapping the sides of the run with tarps to try and keep the winds and rain down to a min and also to cover the window openings also. overkill? or waste of time?
If you can figure which direction the wind will be from, close/tarp that side of the coop or run. Having enough food and water, a good shelter from the wind and enough elevation to be out of any flooding will be about the best you can do for them. In August my girls were out and about in Isaac after the winds dropped below 40 mph. During the worst of the storm they sat in the coop and grumbled.
I have been worried about my girls also. I have picked up anything in the yard that could become a missle, at least I think so. Tomorrow I have to make sure the tarps on my coop are lashed down really good. I am afraid if the wind as is bad as they are saying, they will rip off no matter how well I have them tied down. I have one wrapped around the coop to cover the big screen window, that I leave flapped open by the door for ventilation. I also have one on top of the run hanging down to stop the wind and rain from going into the run. I wish I could bring them into the basement so I wouldn't be so concerned for them, but I have nothing to put them in down there.
My chickens usually close their coop door on their own at bedtime - I think it is weird, but they do it. Should I plan to open the door in the am - in case there are breaks in the rain/wind so they can run around in their enclosed run or just let them "camp" indoors. Most "regular rainy" days, the coop door is open to the run- but wondering with the expected wind if I should plan differently. I'm in MA, near the cape - inland a bit, so not worried about flooding. This is our first year with chickens, so I appreciate any guidance - thanks!

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