Hurricane Sandy

I have chicks that are about a week old. (Late for that, I know.) Since it looks like the hurricane/tropical storm is headed right for our neck of the woods, and the chicks and mom are in a pen in the field that's only covered by rubber and a plywood section, I thought it would be best to put the fowl family in a safer place. Like our bathtub. Not sure how long that will last, though. Chickens are not the nicest smelling-creatures...
But now, at least, everything is relatively dry. So that's a good thing. :)
I'll be a lot happier when it blows over. Right now it's not as bad as a few hours earlier, but I still dread going out to the barn (which I have to do now).
In Massachusetts, Gov. Patrick made clear to the power companies that they had better have enough emergency repair crews and a better communication system than last time we had a big storm. Our power here on the North Shore was out for a couple of hours today but they got it back up again. You probably will get yours within a few hours too. Having a generator is good, though. I don't have one, but I have a woodstove and lots of firewood, lots of candles and matches. And a gas water heater.

I hope we all pull through okay. My prayers and good wishes go out to all living in affected areas.
I was going to spend the day getting ready for the Hurricane but our 5 yr old grandson had a bad case of hives, and my wife had to work. As soon as she got home and we ate, I hooked the generator up to the 5th wheeler, got 20 gallons of gas, filled up all of the propane tanks, (camper heater), tarped my power equipment, etc. Then I made sure the chickens were secured, fed,
watered, and grabbed the days eggs. Storming pretty good by this time, and I was soaked clean through so rather then taking the eggs to the house I put them in the pocket of my rain coat...

Won't do that again. (Dufas)

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