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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by mandelyn, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Last weekend, we walked and walked, and walked some more. I had a little bit of a pain in my ankle, since I'm a bit out of shape. The next day, my husband noticed that it was very swollen, as if it had a golf ball in it. It didn't hurt though, and I could use it fine. He goes to the drug store and comes home with an ice pack, ace bandage, wrap (looks like vet wrap.. lol) and a brace. I iced it and kept it elevated the rest of the day and on and off since then.

    Now, 5 days later, I stay off it as much as I can, but after a day of normal but light use (checking on the birds, getting around the house, ect) it's still a bit puffy in the evenings. So I ice it, elevate it, and take some IBprofen.

    How do I know if I need to see a Dr.? It doesn't hurt. Swelling is hard-ish. Recedes, but comes back with use, but not like that first day after all the walking.

    We have another weekend of walking coming up, I don't need a wheel chair, do I? [​IMG] I'm only 28, not overweight, just out of shape. Used to run track and all that. I have flat feet, which makes them weird anyways and prone to injury, but I have the inserts and the right shoes. They've not been chronically painful since my last growth spurt at 15.

    I'm wearing my brace thing and shoes instead of flip flops for my chores today. Usually go barefoot or flip flops around the house. But... I need to see if this brace will do anything for me.

    Do I need to ring up the doc like yesterday, or next week if it still persists? haha... I'm bad about going to the doctor. Really, I haven't been in like 6 years. Not since I needed signatures for an international move.
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    I have been suffering from a foot/ankle issue for months, If I was you, I would atleast have the doc check it if you can.

    Having your foot hurt with every step is not fun and something you will want to avoid.
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    Sit down for one whole day and leash Ona so she can only go 20 feet from you and you can yank her back and forth. Trust me she will be tickled to death. [​IMG]

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