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    Okay I finally have baby chicks homegrown and home raised. It has been an incredible experience. Out of 10 eggs 7 hatched, one of those chicks passed away immediately. But I've had 6 strong chicks, until today.

    I got out several times a day to check on my chicks and this morning I notice one is missing. Uh oh. I look and look and look and finally find him tucked between the nest and the wall. I thought he must have been dead, nope. He was alive and alert but hurt. He hurt both sides of his body under his wing. I think he got stuck in the chicken wire. The way I have it set up, I have chicken wire separating the chickens and the mama's and babies. But I have 12 inches pieces of wood that are at the bottom so the babies can't squeeze through to the scary side of the coop.

    Well one area inside the coop is a little bunched up, and the chicks have been hoping in and out of it. (the big chickens can't get to them) So my theory is that it went into this are and for whatever reason couldn't get out. Anyways, his wounds are pretty dried up and they aren't bleeding anymore but they are the size of a quarter.

    I don't know what to do right now. I know if he was perfectly okay, he would had been running around with his brothers and sisters, and mamas. (I have two mommies) So I felt the need to remove him but now I really don't know what to do. I'm going to give him sugar water but do I try to bandage him up? Do I put neosporien (sp?) on him? Do I put him back in the coop for mama to take care of him? I don't know if she rejected him, I never waited long enough to find out. Or do I keep him inside, by himself?!? Won't he die of loneliness?

    This isn't my first time having chicks but this is the first time having so little at one time and all being outdoor babies from the beginning. I would appreciate ANYONES help!

    Here is a picture of his sore. [​IMG] (and yes I have learned my lesson on using chicken wire, especially for chicks, I will be replacing the material with smaller hole material)
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    I have seen much much worse when it comes to chicks and young chickens. I usually take the injured chick away and place it in a cage for a day or two so that it can eat and drink in peace and take it easy for a bit. I leave the wounds alone but I guess you could spray the wound with a diluted mix of water and an antiseptic.

    If the hen has rejected the chick (and it does happen) you will have to rear it separately. I don't think it will die of lonliness if you do so. Only until it is a little bigger of course. It could be that the mother was pecking the chick and forced it to hide away.

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