hurt baby goose


5 Years
Feb 5, 2014
I have a yellow 2 mth old baby goose it can't stand today it was fine yesterday n last night it's still eaten n drinking but having trouble standing n walking it lives with 1 other goose n 2 Saxony ducks n every now n then n 2 mth old turkey goes with them there all 2 months old just the white ones was the smallest
I do have some vitamins and electrolytes mix for water I just gave it
Sounds like a niacin dif. start the gosling on 400 mgs of plain niacin or get Brewers yeast mix the niacin into a gallon of water and the brewers yeast can be sprinkled over feed 1 tab to 1 cup of feed since it's already showing symptoms I'd get the plain niacin and mix in their water to make sure it's getting a good amount. You can do both too if you like but that gosling needs to get as much of the niacin in it as possible real quick.
this is what I have already
My incubators are not working right and I had gosling hatch with wry neck. They are either too hot or too cool and it messes with their development. I was told to do the niacin and yeast and some other stuff but the thing that has worked best is Red Cell. It is like a super vitamin liquid. The gosling is not all better but I am still giving it Red Cell in it's water. I also had another gosling hatch that couldn't get up on it's feet and after I started giving it Red Cell and letting it swim until the warm water started to cool, it was able to get up on it's feet but was pigeon toed. Now, it is walking around just like the other water fowl babies. If it wasn't the smallest in the bunch, I wouldn't know which one it was. I used an eye dropper to dribble the Red Cell into their mouths. I was told to let the older gosling swim too but the neck was so twisted that it couldn't hold it's head out of the water. Now, that it is getting close to a month old, it can hold it's head out of the water but while I am watching I am worried that when it ducks it's head that it might be tired so I put it in and take it out of the water.

Red Cell is found in the horse supplies and as far as I can tell, only in one gallon jugs. We paid about $17 for it at Orchelin's.
this is what I have already
How much niacin that is the water fowl dif niacin so it may not have enough. for Brewers yeast Whole foods or maybe Trader Joes. it's getting hard to find plain niacin but natural food stores may carry it I'd call around. Nutritional yeast or brewers yeast can be found at any natural food store.

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