Hurt beak or sour crop?


Sep 25, 2015
I have an ee hen unsure of her age but she is most definitely old I would guess eight or nine years.

She has stinky breath but a well crop,meaning nothing would come up even after massaging,nothing.However her beak in the inside looks odd,she also seems unable to drink almost like she is pecking at it,eats like a compete nut,as if she hasn’t in days,although sometimes she can’t pick it up completely,And seems uninterested in any actual chicken feed,but seems like most of our birds our.Its beginning of spring grass is going in and we have had tons of leftovers and I’m sure there are bugs out.Besides that this hen isn’t why I would consider lame,she is just slow and that’s in general old age I believe.
What could be wrong with her?Is this stinky breath and unable to eat just an old age thing?
Does she seem to be losing weight? The fact that she has bad breath and is having trouble eating makes me think it's wet fowlpox. When you look in her mouth does it look like she has blisters down her throat?

I hope she gets better!

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