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    One of my 4-5 week old broiler hens got hurt. I'm thinking she may have manage to get out of the pen, either by herself or when my 2 yo left the gate open. All the skin on her Left flank is gone. I found her late last night and figured the neighbor would just want to butcher her, but he says she's too small so I'm going to try and treat her or euthanize her.

    I was thinking I could give her a good bath with 1/2 strength peroxide or iodine scrub to clean her up, put neosporin on it and keep her inside in a pen lined in clean newspaper so I can try and keep her clean. I don't have any antibiotics that you put in the water handy, but I do have excenel and penecillin injectable. I want to see if I can find the poultry dosage.

    Any other suggestions??? Unfortunately I will be gone most of the rest of the day/evening, but my mom will be home with her a good part of the time so I'll have her check this thread for any suggestions.

    Thanks so much!

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    Sounds like you are on the right track - isolate, treat for shock and antibiotics.

    However, keep in mind that antibiotics are generally not recommended to be used in chickens that will be eventually eaten.

    If it's really, really bad, I'd recommend euthanizing.
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