Hurt Chick "can see its skull"

jonny 123

7 Years
Apr 5, 2012
I have an EE chick about 4 weeks old. one of my 7 week old grabbed it and scalped it literally. It has no skin on the back of its head. I crushed a aspirin and mixed it in its water but before that it was still walking around drinking and eating. Now that it has the meds it is still walking eating and drinking but i am afraid of how it will come along Please give me advice asap
Perhaps you could put some topical antibiotic gently on the back of the head to help it heal. I would keep it isolated until it completely heals, put it in a box or pet carrier with food and water. If there is any blood at all other birds will peck at it, this will cause infection and will kill the bird. Also put electrolytes in it's water, hope that helps.

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