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    Feb 14, 2010
    My Chickens Were Out In The Yard Yesterday (free Ranging)one Of Them Slip Or Trip In The Grass And Now She Is Favoring One Leg.we Picked Her Up And Gave It A Good Looking At Cant See Anything Wrong.she Didn't Squawk Or Cry When We Felt Her Leg Or Anything.her Toes Seem To Be Opening And Closing Fine She Even Made It Up To Her Roost.could She Have Twisted An Ankle Or Something ?what Should I Do? Thanks,, ,,,,,, Concerned Father ( O And She Is Just Over 2 Months Old)
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    That happens here from time to time too. They get to running and WHAM, someone takes a dive.

    I would just watch her for a day or two and I bet she improves on her own. If not, do a little research here on BYC for bumblefoot and see if that is the culprit.

    Good job Dad!! [​IMG]

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