9 Years
Aug 16, 2010
Hi all! Today i noticed a cut on my house quail's foot. It's not bumble foot (i think) because it's a open wound not a dark scab.


Indoor cage- aspen bedding, L-shaped, 5 1/2 feet *long*, 14 inches high/wide and i took the sand out so it wouldn't get stuck and extended his fleece.

Outdoor cage- hutch; 1/2 inch hardware cloth floor, 1/2 inch on front and on top of one side 3x1x2 (lxwxh). run; 3/8 hardware cloth on bottom three feet, 1/2 inch on top 3 feet, on ground, currently no wire bottom (soon to be fixed so nothing can dig), 1 2x2 perch and one parrot-type perch, solid roof.


All water has Apple Cider Vinegar in it and is a the smallest size (one gallon?).

Feed is 26% (brand:eek:tter co-op?
) and mixed with vitamin B1, raw pumpkin seeds, grit and oyster shells. I haven't switched/opened another bag of feed.

Here's the hurt foot. It's on the bottom of the toe on the left (sorry hard to get a good picture)

With flash.

Here is the normal foot.

Indoor cage.

Outdoor cage.

Sorry i sort of went overboard on pics/ information. And in real life it's not enlarged/swollen it's just a part of the skin that looks as if someone was cutting off the bottom part of the feet. But hope you can help solve what happened and if i should flush it out with anything etc. thank you.
No idea what it could have come from, but it reminds me of the injuries I've seen on small mammal's feet/toes when they are on shavings - from urine burns or just damage sustained from sharp bits of beddings. Could be he got it caught on something.

Is the wound bleeding and still open? If so I would definately flush it clean with some saline/sterile water, put some ointment on it (neosporin or something - don't know if you might have animal antibiotic/antibacterial ointment on hand) and put a little bandage on it, even just cutting a big bandaid in half and wrapping around his toe, and changing it every day for a couple days...

If its healing already just leave him be - put his sand back in, and I would keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't sustain more injuries like it, cause it could be from something inside his cages - the bedding or wire.
If You Wish To Treat It Use Bluekote Or Woundcote(same Thing- Different Brands)... Ointments Make For A Sticky Mess On Birds And On The Feet Is Even Worse.
He's been off shaving's for a few weeks now, as it's finally been warm enough for him to stay out all night.
The only thing i can think of is 1. either stepping on sharp stick/stone or 2. somehow his foot got caught on the wire.
But i flush it out and clean off all dirt/poops twice a day and it's stopped bleeding. He doesn't seem to bothered by it but I'll try to pick up some neosporin (without pain reliever) and wrap it up with either some gauze or part of a human bandage (which is better?), just in case. Should i keep him inside or could i put him back in his run?

Edited to add: It's bleeding again and I'm guessing because he was running around the house for a while (just for exercise), so that could've gotten the blood pumping. So i put some polysporin (canadian version of neosporin) and a little guaze and medical tape bandage on and put him back on his "nest' (he's trying to hatch a golfball
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