Hurt Hen, Attacked by Bird, Getting Bullied

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    Aug 13, 2012
    I have a backyard flock of six hens. One of them got attacked a few days ago by a predator bird. I am not quite sure what it was exactly, but it wasnt too big. It was smaller than the chicken and couldnt pick it up and watching the chickens I was able to save it. The hen is a White Leghorn so it is a bit smaller than the other birds. It got scratched up a bit around the neck and head but there was hardly any blood.

    The thing I am worried about now is it has one eye that is a bit swollen and she keeps it closed sometimes. I've noticed she is opening it more often now but it is still a bit swollen. She also has swollen ears, but that has been going down.

    She is really scared and stays in the coop most of the day, and the run they have is covered so it is safe. The other chickens though keep pecking her and she usually hides in the nesting box or in a corner. She is also scared to go up on the roosts ant night with the other chickens so tonight I moved her up by hand and put some cardboard to stop the pecking between them; I'll see if that worked tomorrow (I hope its not too cold for her not being able to huddle together with the others but it only gets down near 40* here in Seattle at night).

    I want to know if there is anything I can do about her eye or ears, preferably a home solution. I also want to know if there is anything to do to stop the others form bullying her. They are not drawing blood but the pecking is making the hurt chicken scared.

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    If they see blood they will peck it, I would use blue kote to cover the injuries but you'd have to be very careful spraying near the head. Another thing I have tried to cover up bloody wound is mix food dye in the ointment ( just a drop or two, non pain anything ending in - caine is deadly) apply it to the injuries. Don't use red that is what you are trying to cover up.

    To stop bleeding, corn starch, flour also work as long as it doesn't get soaked through. Early breading of the chicken ( haha) She may be a bit shocky still, should be in a warm container so you can see if she is recovering or other problems. The others will harass her as they know something is wrong. I would give her another going over to make sure there are no other injuries.

    Things to clean wounds, witch hazel, lavender oil, baby soap, make sure she is dry if you put her back out.

    Hope she recovers from the attack, make sure she is eating and drinking too.
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    Aug 13, 2012
    I will try cleaning her up tomorrow to make sure there isnt any blood around on her feathers. I saw she is eating and drinking so I hope she stay healthy. SHe hasn;t been bleeding since the attack so that is a good sign. Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    You can try using all natural colloidal silver 500 ppm in her eyes. You can get it at any health food store. I use it on my chickens eyes if they become irritated and it has worked very well. The Silver has antiseptic and antibiotic properties ands helps promote healing. Silver can be used for many things but I keep it on hand especially for the eyes. You would want to apply three drops in the effected eye twice a day. It works well for me and you might want to try it. Don't get anything less than 500 parts per million.. ppm. It should make a positive difference for her eyes. Best wishes

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