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    Sep 6, 2009
    One of my favorite chicks (of course, it's always the favorites) has injured a foot or her leg. She is about 13 weeks old.

    She is able to walk on it, but, not long, will then stop, hold the leg up , and lay down. She limps a bit when she walks. She is also very fluffed up. Will a chicken fluff itself up when it has a hurt leg ?? or any other injury. I don't really want to seperate her if I don't have too. I'm wondering if in time this will heal, if she just twisted it or something. I put some vitamins in the water for a boost.

    as the last time a chicken fluffed up, it was from cocci, which all were treated. so I'm a tad paranoid now.
    the other babes are fine. running around as usual.

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